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The team has been in a constant rush throughout 2022, from the months of scheduled work ahead to the showroom quickly running out of skittles colors. Last weekend, Pat and a few of the staff hung around the shop to host a small open house. Join us for the Open House recap, thanks to our friends over at Avants Magazine!

This event came about from our team's 2022 social push as we continue to grow our name with more events around town. If you missed that game-plan you can read more about that here. We love to take classics out to local events like the Hudson Hornet and the Porsche 912 Electric but this time around we figured we'd invite some of the local Avants Magazine members to stop by the shop.

Avants Magazine has recently started here in town as an enthusiast-focused magazine highlighting some of the very best the local Colorado automotive scene has to offer! Avants also has members in the Pacific Northwest area, and they're beginning to move into Scottdale over the coming months. 


Throughout the magazine's run, the team has shared fantastic tales from Pikes Peak with Audi A1 Quattro driver, David Hackl up to their most recent volume showing off a gorgeous Aston Martin DB4 that lives here in town. When the Avants Magazine team first brought their magazine by the shop, we knew it was an exciting opportunity to share our work and continue to grow our client base here in the Denver Metro area.

We often see clients with multiple cars, from numerous brands. This group from Avants helped us see that this mindset is still alive with many of the visitors owning multiple unique cars. Throughout the day I heard mentions of everything from W124 Mercedes-Benz wagons to E-type Series 1s, the headlight Notches on our 250SL, and even a few mentions of a soon-to-be imported Nissan Skyline R34.


above photo from Brennan Sullivan. 

The Avants members got a chance to walk through our shop, from the assembly and detailing side to the metal side of the shop, and even a few minutes over in the showroom to get some idea of the extensive work we do. Members were able to chat with Tessa Farland, our amazing technician Josh, and Pat about the car restorations and experience working with these icons.

Maserati ghibli Ferrari daytona

The Open House gave us the chance to meet some new faces to our shop, while also getting to begin building relationships with some of these newer groups here in town. The Avants team is awesome and does a fantastic job of documenting everything from racing to maintenance, and even our little restoration shop. The event also brought out many unique outfits and we got the chance to meet some friendly faces from Revhard Motors, Cult Cars, and our local representative of GYEON USA.


This event allowed us to get a flavor for all the fun happening around cars here in town. While many of these groups tend to focus more on modern cars, we're always lucky to be able to share our knowledge and develop these relationships here in town. 

Always good to have a bit of a test run...

We'll be continuing to grow our events here in the shop and around town, for now be sure to go check out all the amazing stories the Avants team are up to! 

As always if you have a classic car needing a bit of attention, a stalled-out project, or needing help with your car sale, give us a call at 720-951-1245. You can also send an email to us at! If you still need your fill of Farland Fun, check out our recent YouTube video from over in the showroom!

Thanks for stopping by!

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