A Full Farland Weekend

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A Full Farland Weekend

Posted by Pat Curtin on July 2022

We've been busy here in the shop and showroom, recently receiving our old friend the 1961 Porsche 356 Super 90 Cabriolet and sending off the Mercedes Benz S600 with the auction that just finished up on Cars and Bids. This time around, the team is getting out of the shop and enjoying a warm Colorado weekend as we covered plenty of events. Join us for the Full Farland Weekend!

While most weekends, our team sends Pat, Jack, or Tom out to some of the countless shows going on around the state, this time around, we had a more concrete attack plan as two of the more significant Denver-focused automotive events happened throughout the weekend.


On Saturday, Jack, Tessa, and a few technicians like Zach, made their way out to Morrison, just west of Denver, to catch the NHRA Mile-High Nationals going on this weekend out at Bandimere Speedway. The lovely venue nestled right against the mountains as the warm weather and nitrous filled the air.

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Jack took plenty of photos throughout the day as he and Tessa battled through the close to 100-degree weather. Once Jack had a little time to cool off on Saturday evening, we got him back into action on Sunday morning.


On Sunday, Automezzi Colorado hosted their 32nd annual gathering of some of the rarest and most remarkable Italian classics in the Rocky Mountian Region. As Jack and Pat met at the shop early Sunday morning, Jack roared the 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal to life, and Pat followed behind. Soon enough, they arrived in Wheatridge and got a brief video of the rare ATS 2500 GT starting up and getting ready for the show. Aside from the 1 of 7 rarity, Pat also grabbed photos of the stunning Apollo GT and a few of his other favorites on Sunday. Our Alfa Montreal joined 14 other fine Alfa Romeo Examples from late 50s Guiliettas to a handful of the modern 4C's. 


Once things started to wrap up, the Automezzi team announced their best in class and overall winners for the show. Jack and Pat were pleased to hear our Alfa Montreal was selected as the best of the Alfa Romeo class for the event. We were happy to chat with so many Italian enthusiasts and reconnect with plenty of old friends. Below, you can see the photos of Jack beside the car following the award. 


While we were happy to win our prize, the iconic ATS 2500 GT was selected as the best in the show. Considering the restoration process that the car went through over three years just a few blocks from our shop, we have to agree.


Between the NHRA Nationals, the Colorado heat, and the award at Automezzi Colorado, we are happy to be so entwined with Colorado Car Culture. We're always looking for new ways to get more involved. Either way, if you have a classic needing attention, a stalled restoration, or a classic looking for a new electric heart, give our shop a call at 303-761-1245, or you can always send an email to info@farlandcars.com. Thanks for stopping by and catching up with the Farland Fun!

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