Rejuvenating the Rolls Royce

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Rejuvenating the Rolls Royce

Posted by Pat Curtin on July 2021

If you've been keeping an eye on the cars for sale, there's a good chance you've seen the locomotive hanging around the showroom. This 1955 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith came in on consignment from an owner with some varied tastes. The British beast came in with the Ferrari 458. Of course, that one quickly found a new owner. Since then we've been studying up on the British classic and as usual, repairing some past restoration work. 

When the Rolls Royce first came in, we set off on the hunt. This car had been owned by the previous owner for many years, who felt it was time to downsize a bit of the collection. Of course, getting a train out of the garage always fees up some room.


The Rolls made its way to us, where we found that the car had been through a long and storied life. Immediately our sales team began digging into chassis numbers, and documentation on this classic. Of course, this era of Rolls Royce is coach built so the documentation on these cars means doing a bit of digging. When we found the next caretaker, part of the final sale meant fixing up some work from over 30 years ago. 


This isn't uncommon here at Farland Classic Restoration. With our numerous years in the business and understanding that very few have the technical capabilities to service and work on these hand-built classics, we're always happy to help get a car all "buttoned-up" before we get to shipping the car. In this case, the issue was cracked and incredibly worn out paint throughout the cowl and below the windows on this Rolls. This meant our painter dug in on the sanding and getting back into the previous paint, which we believe was sprayed around 30 years ago. 

Unsanded2Here you can see the worn-out paint on the drivers' door.


Now that our painter has worked into the cracked and worn paint, now we move into cleanup and making sure the car is totally clean before we move it into the booth for some paint on the cowl. 

Just a short catchup today here in the shop. Of course, if you have a vehicle ready to find its next caretaker, a stalled project, or something needing a little extra attention give us a call at 303-761-1245. You can always send us an email to

Spirit O Ex2

Keep an eye out as we get ready to roll this British royalty out west very soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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