The Rivian Roundup

If you've been following along over on the Instagram, you know we've recently seen more than a few modern electric vehicles. From the VW ID.3 to the few Polestar 2s and now we've even got our hands on a Rivian RT1. With that being said, we're taking notes on all these electrics as we develop our Porsche 912 electric. Join us for the Electric Roundup!

Over the past 18 months, many companies have sprouted up as Electric Vehicle startups. From brands like Alpha to Lordstown, there's countless renderings making their way out to the public. With that being said, very few of these electric startups have come to fruition like Rivian has. This RT1 was one of our team's first chances to get hands-on with one of these new brands. 


Our team has been hard at work on the Porsche 912 electric, and we've made some huge progress over the past few months, but it was also nice to get the chance to compare our design against manufacturers as they continue to develop electric products. The Rivian RT1 that came by the shop was a test-drive experience offered to those who had pre-ordered the Rivian truck (One of our team put in a pre-order about 8 months ago).

When the truck showed up for the test drive, our staff was immediately all over the truck. We looked over every unique element, from the storage passthrough to the numerous controls alongside the rear of the bed. Once the team had gotten a few minutes to get their eyes on the truck, we got Jack, Tom, and Pat behind the wheel of this new electric workhorse. 


The model that came into the shop would've fallen somewhere in between the "First Edition" and the "Adventure Package" These both offer over 300+ miles of range on a single charge and plenty of power to pull the 7,100lbs with absolute ease. You of course can learn more about the RT1 in this Review from Car and Driver here


While the Rivian was in, one of the most obvious features of the car was the regenerative breaking, for Pat this was his first time driving a car with regenerative breaking. From there we got him into the Porsche 912 electric so he could get a feel for something a bit lighter and much more classic. While the Porsche also has a regenerative braking system, it wasn't as obvious (considering our Porsche weight about 1/2 of what the Rivian does)

Getting more people behind the wheel of electric classics is what we're all about! Giving our team the chance to develop their electric knowledge in the most modern and a true classics, ensure that we continue to grow and keep up with the ever changing and ever advancing car market. That is going to do it for us today, but you can always catch up with the Farland Fun over on our YouTube channel as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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