Restorations and Rivians

Over the past few months, we've been getting into all the electric fun here in the shop. From our Colorado Classic Electric Porsche 912 and constantly chatting with clients and among the team about where the electric conversions will happen next. This time around, we're happy to announce our new shop truck is rolling into the shop. Join us for the Electric Rennaissance.

After plenty of time on the waiting list, we're excited to see our Rivian RT1 delivered to the shop today! As many have asked, this will be the new shop truck/tow rig to show off all the electric fun we're getting up to here at Farland Classic Restoration. For now, we'll be bringing the truck to a few events around town, so be sure to keep an eye out for us. As we finish our Porsche Electric 912 restorations, this truck will (hopefully) become the tow rig for these classics. It would be cool to see both the Farland electrics 912s and this Rivian out at Lafayette Cars and Coffee! If you want to check out our initial impressions of the Rivian when it first came by the shop, check out this recent blog when Jack, Tom, and Pat got the chance to test this electric workhorse! 


We've had plenty of fun learning the nuances of electrics with our Porsche. Still, we felt the Rivian could be an excellent opportunity to learn about electric infrastructure and how the production end of electric cars is constantly developing. Especially when you consider we're trying to get out to a few more significant electric events, including the Fully Charged show out in San Diego and possibly a few other events and get-togethers closer to home. 


Our Rivian Blue RT1 with 845hp and AWD ensures our tow rig can handle any conditions Colorado may throw at us. We usually deal in the classics but still like to keep an eye on the latest and greatest. While we don't have any photos yet, we'll be blowing up Instagram this afternoon with photos and videos. This Rivian will be put through its paces plenty while it's here in the shop, our team has plenty of plans to use it as a follow vehicle for some more shoots, and of course, we have to bring this cool blue out to a few different shows here in town. Keep an eye out for us. We're always happy to chat about your classic restoration or the next step in the electric game. 


That's going to do it for us here in the shop today. Just a quick update while we get this next electric rolled out. If you'd like to see more of this modern monster, check out our Instagram! We'll have a Livestream where we'll be happy to answer any questions and chat about the cool blue! Keep an eye out for a few other exciting announcements from our team in the coming days. If you have a classic needing another set of eyes, a stalled project needing the kick to get moving, or a forgotten classic, give us a call at 303-761-1245, or you can always send an email to! Thanks for stopping by!

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