Consigning Collections

The relationships we develop with customers are one of the most valuable aspects of our business and have helped us to grow over the past 30 years. Some of these customers have given us the chance to sell multiple cars or even collections based upon our previous work. This process of consigning collections is a detailed and time-consuming process, but it can be beneficial to those with more cars than they can handle! Today we'll cover some of our recent consigned collections and how our services help to ensure your icon finds the next caretaker.

While we love every car that comes into our shop, it feels very special to be able to help these loyal customers and know that they trust in our work. Recently we helped a longtime customer with the consignment of some of his English roadster collection. While these cars didn't end up staying together, we were happy to find homes for his loved Triumph, incredibly original Austin-Healey, and the early 1940s Morgan


In that same vein, a longtime customer recently reached out with a small Maserati collection we've recently seen come into the showroom. A classic 1970s Ghibli, the ever-rare Mistral, and a more recent Quattroporte. Of course, these three will be going up for consignment soon, once we get the Mistral through the shakedown process


Other times, the collections are a bit more... obscure. One of the other recent pairings we sold for a longtime customer was the Rolls Royce Silver Wraith from 1955 and a Ferrari 458. While these cars couldn't be more different, our decades in the consignment and restoration business allow us the ability to confidently present, identity, document, and share these unique stablemates.


Consigning collections has been something we truly enjoy and find pride in, leaving our mark on each cars' legacy. Of course, we're always documenting and share the metal moving through, you can always check out where all the recent cars have gone over on our Farland Map! 


Thanks for chatting collections with us, if you have a collection of your own, a restoration needing a bit more attention,  or help to sell your classic, give our shop a call at 303-761-1245. Or shoot an email to 

If you'd like to see more on the restoration side of things, check out our recent write-up on the Rolls Royce paintwork.

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