Decades of Luxury - The Marvelous Mercedes

We've been busy the past few months from paint school to the assembly of the Electric Porsche & getting paint on the Ferrari Daytona. Today we're taking a quiet moment in the showroom as we cover the decades of luxury behind Mercedes-Benz. Join us as we cover two highlights of Mercedes' mastery of luxury.

Throughout the past 100 years, Mercedes-Benz has been known for its luxury offerings. From the early roots of the brand creating "horseless vehicles" with the Benz Patent Motor Car in the late 1800s, through the brand new Mercedes EQ, the brand's latest electric offering, Mercedes has constantly proven itself as a forerunner for both luxury and pushing the limits of what's next.


Today the brand is known for its massive engines and powerful vehicles, but this mentality first started in the late 1960s with 300SEL. Conceived as a powerful four-seater with the heart of Mercedes 600 Limousine, this offering wasn't just german muscle. The car also offered tea trays to electric sunroofs, power windows, and even four-wheel disc brakes. When the Mercedes was first released, it was the fastest production sedan on the planet, with a 0-60 time of just 6.3 seconds. Aside from the ample power and incredible speed, this Mercedes offered complete comfort and relaxation to their passengers at a time when A/C was considered a luxury!


Since then, the brand has constantly pushed the envelope of luxury. This leads into the other icon here in the showroom, the 2016 Mercedes Benz S600. This massive V12 powerhouse keeps in line with its predecessor, offering the pinnacle of luxury behind the Mercedes-Benz badge. The S600 sits near the top of the S-class lineup, with only the Maybach and Maybach Pullman offered above the S-class in the model lineup. This S600 with extensive stitching and lavish lighting still proves Mercedes-Benz as an innovator within the luxury market.


In its day, the 300SEL offered the latest and greatest in design technology like power windows, air conditioning, and air suspension. The modern S600 matches suit with its 360-degree cameras of the car, scent diffusers, and some unique mood lighting running throughout the interior. The innovations of the 300SEL may seem like nothing compared to the tech-stuffed S600. Either way, the Mercedes Brand has always pushed the envelope for what it means to ride in luxury. Where luxury today is highlighted by the shades of black your S600 comes in, back in the day the mark of luxury was being different, a bit more showy in something like the lavish Moss Green 300SEL.


That's going to be it for today, just a quick check-in with the masters of luxury with the Mercedes-Benz bookmarks. We may be a bit quieter here on the blog over the next week for Thanksgiving. We hope you and your families enjoy the holiday!


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