The Resto-Roast Update

Rounding out the end of the year, our team has been hard at work here in the shop. We recently hired an upholsterer whose been doing some stitching and patterns on the Electric Porsche 912. We're also finishing up a few of the extensive restorations for the end of the year as we move into some other classic icons on the schedule!
While the artists are at work, Pat has been working on our partnership with One For the Road Coffee. If you missed the partnership announcement, you'll find that excitement here. For now, join us for the Resto-Roast Update!


Since the initial announcement, the One For the Road team has released their new co-branded roast known as the Concours Resto-Roast! This amazing brew highlights both brands' focus on utmost perfection and leaving the perfect taste in your mouth, whether it's behind the wheel of a V12 Ferrari or waking up with the warm comfort of the Concours Resto-Roast. You can also learn more about One For The Road Coffee's other offerings on their website.


The announcement video, filmed by the team at 1513 Media captured some great shots of One For The Road Coffee and the fun we get to see here in the shop, including that fantastic Porsche 911 Carrera S we recently sold. We were happy to send the 911 out to North Carolina for the next caretaker. We'll fondly remember the run through Deer Creek Canyon, as the 1513 Media team captured the fantastic fall weather and the roar of that monster Porsche.

The staff over at One For The Road have been ramping up this year and grown in the local automotive community offering warm brews on these cold mornings we've been battling.
Their coffee has been a staple at the shop as our techs are spending long hours in the building, moving the shop towards the four-day workweek. The 7 am and 2 pm pots of coffee are quickly becoming the usual around here, thanks to their team.


We can't recommend the team's amazing coffee enough! While we're happy to partner with OFTR, it's the friendships we've been able to build that helps to make this partnership great. We hope you'll give their fantastic roasts a try and let us know which of their offerings is your favorite. We also hope you'll continue to follow along on their socials to keep up with the growing car and coffee-loving community over there! 


For now, we're getting back to our cup of the Concours Resto-Roast. Thanks for stopping by today and joining us for the coffee update! We're always looking for the next Colorado Classic Restoration, the forgotten relic, the barn find, and any of your smaller inquiries. If you have a classic looking for a little pep in its step, give us a call at 303-761-1245 or you can always send an email to 

Thanks for stopping by, and go check out our friends at One For The Road Coffee!

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