Recharging after Fully Charged

The Classic Colorado Car restorations have been roaring the past few weeks as the 1955 Chevy Corvette made its way home, the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona is prepping for final delivery, and the Mercedes 190SL Restoration is on the way back to Mexico. Recently, Jack, Tessa, and Pat returned from the Fully Charged Live in San Diego, California. The short weekend trip was a lot of fun and hours of chatting for our team. Now that they've had a chance to recharge their batteries, join us for our recap of all the fun out at the Fully Charged Live with the 2022 Electric Update!

It has been a few weeks since we got you caught up with all the fun here in the shop. If you've been missing out, check out our Instagram and YouTube filled with plenty of recent content while Pat has been running around. Since our last update, the team made the long trek to San Diego, and they have plenty of tales to share from the event and weekend.


Fully Charged held its third U.S. event in San Diego last month. In 2019, Jack and Tom attended the show and first caught the electric itch, preordering our lovely Rivian R1T and meeting the teams at Electric GT, EV West, and Zelectric Motors. This time around, Pat and Tessa joined Jack for the show as they got to get their first taste of this new electric revolution! At the show, we met many of the electric persuasion. We got the chance to talk about conversions in everything from Datsun 510s to a Peel P50 and even some companies starting electric conversions in places like Dubai and across the pond!


The weekend out at Fully Charged Live was an excellent chance for our team to showcase the abilities of our talented artisans here in the shop and get a peek into the future of electrification. At the show, we learned about wireless charging technologies, the future of micro-mobility, and got to hang around with the team from Aptera motors. Their 1000-mile-per-charge electric three-wheeler certainly is unique!


On Sunday afternoon, the team raced to get the car ready to roll back to Denver, having finished the first of 3 electric events on the docket. Around 6 PM, the tow truck and trailer arrived to take the car back to Denver. You may have even seen our Instagram reel of the load-up.
After the car took off, the team worked their way back to the Mile High City while the car did some dawdling on its way back out. Unfortunately, this meant the Porsche missed the fantastic Vail Automotive Classic, and when it arrived the following Monday, our team was heartbroken to learn the car had been in an "incident" on the trailer ride home.


The team has actively been working with insurance to see what we can do about our electric friend, but we already see work needed on the front fenders, a broken taillight, a punctured tire, and the bent rear license plate panel. Our team can get this fixed, but it's sad to see the car returned to us in this state. We'll be addressing the bodywork and paint over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out as we get this one ready for SEMA in early November.


That's going to do it for today. Thanks for stopping by and catching up with all the electrics. Of course, we have a few new additions down in the showroom you can find here, or if you have a classic needing a bit of attention or a general refresh, give us a call at 303-761-1245. You can also always send an email to

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