Porsche 356A Convertible D 1959 - Restoration Update

While we haven't seen the hot weather yet, we're hard at work on all the nut and bolt restorations around the shop including the Ferrari 365 GTB/4, the Hudson Hornet and of course our one-year only 1959 Porsche 356A Convertible D. If you need to catch up with this project and see where we started, you can see that here.

Now onto the new stuff! 


A few weeks ago, our metal master finished up his work on the Convertible D and sent it over to the paint booth. Our painter laid down a primer for us so we could get to putting this Porsche back together!  Zach has built a jig over the past few days, ensuring this metal skeleton will hold the entire weight of the vehicle on our rotisserie. Once we have the jig welded, it allows us the ability to easily move the car around, spin and maneuver it to quickly return each of the many parts that came off the Porsche all those months ago.


Now that Zach has finished getting the jig lined up and properly welded, he's moving on the the galvanized steel underneath the Porsche. Galvanized steel ensures that rust is not allowed to develop, it's incredibly smooth and doesn't provide much surface area for the epoxy and undercoating to stick to. Zach had agitated the galvanized steel underneath the car to ensure there is some surface area for the epoxy and undercoating to make contact.


Once Zach had finished roughing up the underside, he worked on a few welds before getting everything masked up for undercoating. Down below you can see the car just after its first spray of undercoating, as there's still a bit more to finish up on the Porsche's underside before we move into re-assembly!

Now that we've sprayed a few layers of undercoating, it's headed back to the metal side of the shop for more touchups and ensuring this German classic is ready to hit the roads again. 

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