Calling All Classics!

Here at Farland we're happy to be able to work on any Classic Car, and up in the shop we've been plenty busy over the past few months. On the other hand, the showroom could always use a few more cars. Join us as we give you updates on a few restorations, a market update, and highlight what we're digging into this summer.

Over the past few weeks, we've moved through quite a few classics. Our technicians have been busy buttoning up the Mustang and the MG. On the other hand, things in the showroom have slowed down a bit. We helped to get the Ferrari 599 sold quickly and headed down south to a new caretaker. We've also noted how many of the newer models are quickly moving through. That's why we thought now would be a great time to put out the call for consignments!


The market has been incredibly hot over the past 24 months, but we are beginning to see consignments slowing with the turning market. This isn't uncommon as many people hope to hold their assets through the economic turn. We also realize where car values are at right now and that this may be the 'last chance' to get cars sold at their current values. The tail-end of the hot market coupled with the coming summer months means there's plenty of interest in oddities like roadsters, cabriolets, and convertibles. With our team's in-depth knowledge, we're happy to help your classic find its next caretaker.

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Our head of sales Bill Orth has spent his entire life dedicated to classic and iconic cars. Aside from his expertise in all things Ferrari, Bill's extensive knowledge covers the gambit and Tom Van Ness' passion for cars from the 50s through the late 90s means we've done well to cover a majority of the collector car market.


Our newest showroom staff member, Pat Curtin has a passion for a bit of everything and is constantly developing his knowledge of the modern Porsches and JDM semi-classics like Skylines, Supras, and even a Kei car from time to time. With that being said, our team would love to talk to you about your consignment or restoration as we open up to more types of vehicles and sharing their history with you.

We've previously covered how auction sites can be beneficial to a sale, but often that means an entire week of "baby-sitting" to see the auction through. Our team is happy to help on that end as well. With our knowledge down in the showroom you can be confident our team is getting you the right amount in these unique market conditions and helping you to ensure your assets are safe.

If you're thinking of consigning, we are happy to say now is the time to move as values are up across the board. If you have a classic looking for the next caretaker or a forgotten icon, give the shop a call at 720-761-1245 or you can always send an email to Thanks for stopping by, down below you can catch up with our most recent livestream from over in the shop.

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