The Woodie Wagon Whereabouts - Auction Update

After thirty years in business here at Farland Classic Restoration, we have plenty of experience with everything from classic Ferrari to the nuance of period-correct Porsche. The Farland Family also has deep roots in American cars, with Fo's Dealership. Today we'll be covering two iconic Woodie Wagons that stopped by before their time in the spotlight. Join us as we show you around two classic American wagons and their adventures at the Hershey auction!

A few weeks ago we covered the history of the Woodie Wagon in America. You can read more about that here. The final Woodie Wagon produced in the 1950s was the legendary Buick Roadmaster. This classic came by in preparation for the RM Sotheby's Hershey auction. Spending a few days in the detailing booth, our technicians worked over the fragile wooden exterior as well as giving the interior and underside the full Farland treatment.

Front of shop2

One incredibly unique aspect of the Roadmaster is the entire rear end made out of wood. The trunk and rear window are held to the body only by wood. While this is unique, it may help to explain the rarity in seeing these cars on the road today. Not many wooden rear ends were treated as nicely as this one! 


Aside from the iconic Roadmaster name, we were also lucky to see what is considered to be the only existing example of the 1946 Pontiac Streamliner Eight Deluxe Station Wagon. At the time, this would've been the top-of-the-line Pontiac available. This Deluxe six-seater had every option box checked during the initial build. In 1946, this car cost just over 2,000 dollars.


Between the rarity of the Woodie Wagon, and the huge initial cost, it isn't surprising this may be the last one in existence. This one also came in as part of the Woodie pairing. This one also saw an extensive detail and cleanup. Getting our eyes over every element of this car allowed us to ensure it was in proper running and driving order for the next caretaker. We also feel lucky to help this classic get prepped for the big outing.


From our shop, these two made their way to our friend Nathan Leach-Proffer. He got the fantastic shots you can see over on the RM Sotheby's listings for both these vehicles. Of course, the auction was all the way out in Hershey Pennsylvania, so the two did take a long trip across the country together before the auction. If you want to learn more about the RM Sotheby's auction over the weekend you can see more here. We always love to document icons moving through the shop and showroom, especially these hand-crafted, wooden masterpieces.

rear quarter2

That's it for now, just a quick auction update. While we were sad to see the wagons go, it allows us to make more room for the bigger restorations like the Hudson Hornet and the electrified Porsche 912. If you have a classic restoration in need of attention be sure to reach out to or give us a call at 303-761-1245. Thanks for stopping by!

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