The Next Generation of Technicians

As we roll into the warm summer season, our team is jumping at the chance to get involved with local automotive events! From the local Porsche PCA chapter to some in-house events, the crew has been working hard to prepare for another summer of Farland fun. Join us as we highlight a recent in-house event at Farland Classic Restoration.

Our team in the shop has been growing throughout the winter as we added two new technicians who've helped jump-start another year of Colorado classic restoration. We're very excited to have Russ, the fabricator / local 24-hour of Lemons 2022 winner, and our newest addition, Steve, handling some mechanicals. Both these technicians have helped us get the Electric Porsche 912 prepped for summer and addressed the miles of wiring in the 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.


As we continue to restore many Colorado classics, we're always still on the hunt for knowledgeable and trustworthy technicians. This past week we had a group of Automotive Technology students from the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus stop by the shop to give them some ideas about what we do! 

We constantly talk about the struggles and challenges of restoring classic cars, but one of the most pressing issues in the world of classics is that many technicians are aging out of the workforce. That's why we were happy to host almost 30 students from the Automotive Technology program at the nearby Cherry Creek Innovation Campus.


Many students had some idea about "classic cars," but their expectations of a classic and our understanding tended to differ slightly. To them, most 1990s cars were considered classics! 


Throughout the event, we showed the students around many of our air-cooled projects, Mercedes Benz restorations, and our oddball electrics. Many of the students drooled over the Ferrari 308 GTS in for some interior work, and the showroom was just a gaggle of fun as they had Pat open most every hood to show off many of the V12s and carbureted classics currently hanging around. Then came decision time: Pat told the students he would show off one car in the showroom if they could all decide on a car together. What did they choose? 

The 1968 Morgan Plus 4, of course. 


The side open hood highlighted a pair of small twin carburetors as Pat did his best to start the recently restored beast. After some fanfare and adjusting the choke, the Morgan sprung to life with rambunctious applause from the students.


We were happy to see these students enthusiastic about the oldest and most obscure classics here in the showroom. As the Who once said, 'The Kids Are Alright'. 


We were delighted to show off the building to this small group, and we look forward to having more groups through the shop and showroom throughout the summer. We'd also like to thank Kenny Bowlus and Brian Manley for helping to get this event set-up! We also want to thank them for coming up with so many great photos of the event. The photos seen in this blog post came from their students and team.

Keep an eye out for more events here in the shop. Coming up in June, we'll be hosting a detailing event for the local Porsche Club. If you'd like to learn more about our restoration and sales services, give us a call at 303-761-1245 or send an email to

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