Ferrari 330 GT Check-Up

Recently it has been a bit of Ferrari Frenzy here at Farland Classic Restoration, from our Ferrari 250 PF Cabriolet Restoration for sale over at Fantasy Junction to the Ferrari 575M we recently sold here in the showroom. Today we're looking back at a classic Ferrari V12 we sold back in May of 2021! Join us for the Ferrari 330 Update!

Last year we were lucky to see a familiar face come into the shop with this Ferrari 330 GT 2+2. This Italian V12 has a long and storied history with our Head of Sales. Back in the 1980s, this was a car he owned and extensively work on, driving it across the country multiple times on family road trips. When he sold the car in the mid-1980s it went a gentleman up in Wyoming who appreciated the car for the next 40 years! You can read more about this Ferrari's history over on the blog Bill wrote. 


In 2019, the owner had passed away but the car came to us for a good look over and to address any larger issues. This family had decided to send the car to us to prepare it for one final year of Ferrari ownership and the chance to appreciate this classic their father had loved. Once the family had said their final goodbyes to the Ferrari, it came down to us here in Englewood.

We cleaned up many aspects of the car and Bill was quickly able to help this classic find a new home with some excited clients overseas. We sent the Ferrari out west where the 330 GT 2+2 had the interior leather redone before it was loaded onto a shipping container and sent out to sea. 


Our team typically ships one or two cars out of the country every year, if you'd like to see where our other sales have landed, check out the map below!

Getting back to the Repaint Red 330, this car ended up getting caught in the shipping and supply chain issues of 2021 and it took many, many months for the car to finally make its way across the Pacific.


Now that the car has been properly attended to, we were able to check back in with this fantastic Grand Tourer. The shipping issues were so prevalent that the family had flown in to meet the car, but scheduling meant they had to leave just before the Ferrari made its way out of the container.

Just another act of patience from these great clients. 

The car had initially shipped around October but took until nearly the end of December before the Ferrari was unloaded. Of course, after those countless months sitting in a container, the battery had gone flat. Our client's family and their team addressed the battery issue and were able to get the car started and moved into its proper home out there in Dubai.  


While every Farland Classic Restoration that comes through our doors is a Farland car, some hold a special place in the hearts of our team. Whether it be a Ferrari once owned by our sales manager, a Plymouth Barracuda originally sold at Jack's family dealership, or even a forgotten race car stored away in the hut out back, we love the chance to add to the history and legacy of these iconic machines.

That's about it for today. Of course, if you haven't had your fill of Farland Fun be sure to go check out our most recent Shop Walk over on YouTube where we highlight projects like the nearly completed Hudson Hornet, final assembly on the Ferrari Daytona, and a quick glimpse at the Porsche 356 Convertible D Restoration

For any restoration, consignment, or mechanical advice, give our shop a call at 303-761-1245, or you can always email! Thanks for stopping by!

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