A Classic in Classic Cars Changes Its Name

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A Classic in Classic Cars Changes Its Name

Posted by Tom Van Ness on October 2015

Since 1991, we have been known for restoring classic cars, doing show-quality detail jobs, and helping folks buy or sell their next classic car. One thing we haven't done is blogging. Until now. 

The best blogs are about information, hard-to-find facts and news. Well, we will have all of those and more. Let's start with news. Many of you may know us as Classic Restoration by Country Club. Well, we're looking to the future, and providing the best of the best. Part of that is a name change, that will help us find great new cars to work on, and new car buffs to befriend. 

With that in mind, we're proud to officially announce (on the blog at least) our new name - Farland Classic Restoration. Below, you'll see our old logo. 


 And below is our new 'branding' - that's marketing talk for a new logo. With it, we embrace Jack Farland and his family's heritage of cars. We'd love to hear your feedback on the new look and feel. And look forward to 21 more years of great cars, great craftsmanship and show-quality customer service. 

If you'd like to comment, please feel free below. 


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