The Montreal Moment

This snowy January, our team has been plenty busy. From the showroom full of Skittles to sending the crew down to the Cavallino Classic, our staff has been running like crazy. This week we'll take a calmer moment here in the showroom to highlight one of our favorites and a few local photographers. Join us for the Alfa-Romeo Montreal Moment!

While the Colorado Cars and Coffee events haven't quite taken off for the year with our snowy weather, we invited their team to come by and photograph the 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal we recently had come into the showroom on consignment. This opportunity allowed our team to work with some great videographers and car enthusiasts alike. We wanted to share their amazing work with you!

Above, you can catch the Colorado Cars and Coffee team's video on the Alfa Romeo Montreal as part of their "Rides of the Rockies" series, where they highlight some of the coolest classics from around the state! Pat's current favorite (aside from our lovely orange Alfa) would be the Lotus Esprit X180R featured in Episode 6.

While Pat is busy documenting as much of the action as he can when it moves through the shop, this calmer Saturday meeting allowed the Colorado Cars and Coffee team a bit more time to work their photo magic. From the video above to their team's social accounts, their documentation of this classic has been fun to watch. Go check out their work on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram! Just don't give Pat too much grief for his "Umms and Ahhs". There's a lot to remember with a car built 25 years before he was born!


Down below you can see their work, highlighting our Farland Classics from three great photographers that stopped by the showroom. The team did a fantastic job covering every element of the Alfa Romeo Montreal through film, digital video, and their incredible photography!

First up, Jevan Dass you can find him on Instagram @jevandass or on his site here.

Second, our friend Evan M. Ward. His account can be found here.


Lastly is Adam Binford. His Instagram account can be found here, as well as his website. Here's a great recent shot from him of a fantastic local Porsche Singer.


Last but not least, we would also like to shout out Colorado Cars and Coffee Founder and Admin, Steve Clark for helping to set up the meeting between our teams, and for giving Pat the chance to flip those iconic headlights!

That's going to do it for this showroom update. If you have a classic looking for a bit of attention or just a restoration question, give us a call at 303-761-1245 or you can always email us, Thanks for stopping by!

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